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Heart to Heart

SYJ Yogis: Amy Gordon



Amy is a longtime member of the SYJ family who practices with us from her home in North Carolina. We caught up to talk about her life, her yoga practice, and what the SYJ community means to her.


Name: Amy Gordon
Place You Call Home: Greensboro NC


Tell us a little about your relationship with SYJ. When did you practice with us in person, and what has being a part of this community meant to you?

I climbed the narrow staircase of the joint in 2008 and I myself. There was something magic about those antique walls that felt ancient, the creaky wooden floor echoed sacred silence-The sound of the street energetics of the river end -the mantras the movement-the stillness. The vibration was infectious and it attracted this cluster of creatives that formed a congregation as we all had found our new church.


When you aren’t on your mat, what can we find you doing?

I am an abstract artist. (Editor’s note: You need to check out Amy’s amazing art on Instagram!)


There is no shortage of yoga studios where you live. Why SYJ?

The vibe is not the same-and there is not Donna Jackson.


What skills has your yoga practice given you that you’re leaning on during these challenging times?

As within so without…The truth that resonates in side me that there is no outer force can fuck with my inner resolve. The asanas are a ritual that always brings me back home. I took teacher training at SYJ and there is this wisdom that I gathered from the teachings that have yoked me.


Tell us about your home practice space. How have you made it special? Do you have any frequent class visitors, like pets or children?

I practice in my kitchen because of the light and yes, my little friend Luna practices with me.

What’s one beautiful thing that happened to you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

I have two teenagers and am an independent parent. It has kept us all in our cocoon a little longer before they take flight.
Also, I have been manifesting ART OF ENERGY, which is a healing card deck based on the 7 chakra systems. I feel like the quarantine has induced labor for many of us. It is a time of birth. If not in birthing something out to the world as an offering, then birthing an upgraded self as an offering to propagate evolution of our collective.


If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

I am content. But if I had to pick a place, I would like to be in the forrest of Big Sur on the edge of the cliffs where the ocean intersects with the mountain.


Thank you, Amy! We are so thankful to have you as part of the SYJ community!

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  1. amy January 5, 2021 12:00 amReply

    The site is phenomenal…classic…
    love it and rhe outreach to the collective!

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